I will be a compassionate, yet impartial, decision maker who will vigorously pursue justice.  I understand adversity and have the determination to overcome it.

I came to the United States from Vietnam in the fifth grade.  Soon after, my family moved to Oklahoma City and have been here since.  I graduated from Westmoore High School as a valedictorian where I was involved in numerous academic and volunteer activities.  In addition to school, I’ve always worked to help my parents, doing everything from sewing at home to cashiering, stocking, and bagging ice at our small convenience store.
In college, I worked part time on campus and trained full time every summer in management internships learning sales, accounting, finance, and marketing.  After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University, I worked in banking and finance prior to returning home to Oklahoma to be with my family. 
I wanted to be a lawyer because I was fascinated with our complex legal system.  I hoped to help others navigate through it.  The legal community, especially the judiciary, is the foundation of what freedom and independence means to me.  I was born in a country where the law is selective in its application and justice is hard to find.  I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of our legal system.  I am proud to be an American and  hope to serve the community that nurtured me into the person I am today.
The role of the judiciary is one that I hold in the highest regard.  It would be an honor to serve the community that gave me the chance to achieve my American Dream.  As your District Judge, I will serve you by working hard and being prepared, while treating all with respect, courtesy, and fairness.